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WCAPN 2020 Board of Directors

Wesley Davis, President,  2019-2020
Sarah Frank, President Elect, 2019-2020
Amy Gruwell, Secretary, 2018-2020
Kelly Eckes, Treasurer, 2019-2021
Brandon Bennion, Member At-Large, 2018-2020
Chere Bohr, Member At-Large, 2018-2021
Ann “Adair” Flynt, Member At-Large, 2018-2021
Angelia Lomu, Member At-Large, 2018-2020
Maria Kidner, AANP Representative to WCAPN Board of Directors


With professional growth in mind, Wyoming Council for Advanced Practice Nurses has been looking at innovative ways to build a foundation for growth in the APRN community, as well as provide educational and networking opportunities. To gain a better understand of these goals, click on the link below to see a detailed breakdown of WCAPN's plan.

2019 WCAPN Strategic Plan.pdf

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